155 pounds now / 138 pounds gone🙏




SIZE 0 Jeans😜



💓Half the person I use to be💓

Half of me and I am in love with me. I am in love with health. I am in love with life. I have been re-birthed. Rejuvenated! Funny thing is I catch a glimpse of me in a store window and it’s not until then I realize I am a size 2 now. Mentally until I see those reflections, my mind still feels size 22 even over a year later.

This is a MIND, body and soul makeover. Be ready to blow your own mind for quite some time after surgery. It’s surreal!

Happy weight-losing!





Life has changed!



Oh Really!!! Now I’m “too skinny”? STFU PLEASE😡

So as you journey through this weight loss experience you may find it to be true, people can call you “skinny” say that you’re “too small” ask “are you gonna lose anymore”? And my favorite “ok you can stop now”. Ha! It doesn’t work like that asshole.

How ironic you feel that you can say all these things yet I do not recall you ever not one time, saying “fat ass” or “big girl”. Not once did anyone say, “put the fork down” or “you’re too fat”; “ok you can stop gaining now”.

I like the new me. I love my new health and I am happy!!! Point blank period.

I am sorry that the new me makes you feel some kind of way about yourself in such a manner you have to sh!t all over my success. Maybe you should mind your business, focus on improving you and admire me from afar.

Listen people! If you feel it’s inappropriate to call someone fat in their face, please note that it is just as disrespectful, just as inappropriate, and just as hurtful in many ways…… Well maybe not as hurtful 😜 but certainly as ignorant to call them skinny, too small etc.

To my Gastric Bypass family… Lose on!!! Every hater and nay sayer is approx. another 100+ pounds of weight lost! Dead weight that is.



165 Pounds!!!!!



ONEderland is a Dream Come True 💭



My Best Decision Yet

So next Thursday will mark my 6 month post op anniversary and I am 90 pounds down. Its funny how it wasn’t until recently that I didn’t see the new me the way others did. I felt like the scale was lying because my eyes didn’t agree with the lowering numbers. Almost like a person with anorexia, I was getting thinner and thinner, but I saw a still fat/pudgier me. THEN IT HAPPENED! My brain caught up with my weight loss and I saw myself as sexy, attractive, healthy, vibrant, and most importantly HAPPY! My skin looks healthier, my hair is healthier, although falling out a lil more than I’d like (a common side effect 6-9 months post-op) and shopping has become sooooooo much more enjoyable. To walk into Forever 21 or Charlotte Rouse and pick up a M or L top and slide easily into a juniors 12 (w/ stretch) is an unexplainable feeling of accomplishment and joy. Even my feet have lost a size and a half.

I am looking forward to Fall and Winter full of boot that can actually go over my calves and I am even more exited about the wedding dress I’ll be slipping into on September 5, 2014 in Punta Cana.

This has been the best decision I have ever made thus far in my life. It was worth every day of recovery and I am so happy I self educated myself and refused to let those with their horror stories stop my new birth. I encourage anyone considering this surgery to JUST DO IT. I was back to work in 3 weeks, back to 100% in 6 weeks, and down 90 pounds in 32 weeks. One decision, 1 1/2 hours of surgery for a lifetime of health and happiness. Its an opportunity to hit the reset button on your life, like filing bankruptcy on your fat, like a baptism into a new you. Why wouldn’t you?

👍88.4 Pounds Lighter 1000x Healthier💖



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